Deal: Lips Bundle (with 2 Wireless Mics) for Xbox 360 only $25!

For those of you that have been getting sick of those incredibly long cables getting tangled up with your other wired peripherals, it may finally be time to go wireless for good! currently has the Lips Bundle that features 2 wireless microphones for slightly under the $25 mark. This is a phenomenal deal, as the microphones retail for well over that individually, let along a two pack that comes with a game.

The only downside is that since the package is slightly under the $25 mark, it does not qualify for the free shipping on it’s own. Add another dollar to your order and it will, though.

These mics would be great for DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock or even >GASP< Rock Band 3. What are you waiting for? Click here to order the Lips 2 Wireless Microphone  Bundle!

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5 Responses to Deal: Lips Bundle (with 2 Wireless Mics) for Xbox 360 only $25!

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  2. rollman says:

    The problem with these mics is that they pic up heaps of other sounds in the room, like the clicking of the guitar when played.

    They seem really sensitive.

    • Drossvirex says:

      Yeah and these mics don’t work well with RB2, hopefully they are fixed for RB3. They do work fine with the Guitar Hero series, there’s no lag issue there.

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