Warriors of Rock sells less than 100,000 in US

We may have loved the latest installment of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, but the title’s favoritism towards the hardcore players didn’t seem to pay off for Activision, as reports are coming out that the title sold less than 100,000 copies (see: 86,000) in the United States during its first week of release.

This was to be somewhat expected, but seeing as how it was the only game in the franchise released this year, it has to be pretty surprising for the developers. The question is now, where do we go from here?

We’ll have to wait until November to see Rock Band 3’s numbers to see if this is representing a shift against the series or the genre, but one thing is for sure, the team over at Activision will be making changes in the franchise. Will they go for the “Pro-Mode” style of gameplay, or will they try and expand on their back-to-basics style that they went with in this title?

We still don’t think its time to panic because there could be a resurgence in sales near the holiday season, or we could see a new surprise from Activision in the form of a big announcement to bring attention back to the franchise. Either way, something will have to be done to bring the fanbase back, or we could be seeing even more drastic restructuring of the franchise than we saw for the Tony Hawk series.

UPDATE: Thanks to @SteveMightSay for pointing out that these are indeed the September sales numbers, which only include the five days that the game was out. Still probably not as good as they were hoping, but not as bad as it sounds at first.

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21 Responses to Warriors of Rock sells less than 100,000 in US

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  2. Jake says:

    Man you sure gotta change something, but i bet there will be a boost late November and December with the holidays, hopefully.

  3. Jordan says:

    I don’t see how in the hell that happened, but regardless if it starts only selling 100 copies a month or year I will still be one of those buyers! 🙂

  4. DucksFAN says:

    This is hard to swallow, I love every Guitar Hero, and this is by far the best one; Come on people, buy the game! I don’t want Activision to feel like the should dump the GH franchise because too many people are so hung up on the pro-mode stupid RB offers. Like Jake said, I too hope that GH sells a ton of copies at Christmas!

    • Izumi says:

      How can you call the most innovative feature (mainly for Guitar/Bass) stupid? At least RB is innovative and has new features, instruments, etc. GH:WoR was just GH5 with the stupid gimmick of changing into “warriors of rock”.

  5. PSPCOW says:

    This sucks badly :p I just bought the new super bundle and I guess I won’t be getting much from my investment apart from the on disc songs. Now I’m starting to doubt spending on the new Dj Hero 2 turntable.

    • DucksFAN says:

      Why won’t you be investing more in GH:WOR? GH is still going to output DLC you know, so it’s not a waste! Did you not see what songs just came out/have been announced??!! Disturbed, Muse, My Chemical Romance (meh), LINKIN PARK (YES!!!), and potentially more from Slash! NOT a bad investment, If I do say so myself! Oh, and what about previous DLC like Disturbed, Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Papa Roach, Nickelback, Silversun Pickups (Again, meh), and AFI? Plus, GH:SH, GH:WT, GH:MT, GH”5, BH importability? Plenty of investment in THIS game PSPCOW!

      • PSPCOW says:

        DucksFAN, I’m just as a big gh gamer as you(possibly). I have most of the dlc that you mentioned, and I have all of the exports. It’ll all be good if a steady amount of DLC keeps being released. I have played the crap out of my previous stuff, and I’ll get any dlc that comes out. I thought we wouldn’t get much dlc since the game is selling so bad. Please prove me wrong, Activision.

  6. zomg bbq says:

    People may call pro mode stupid, but it’s something activision could have done a long time ago.

    Rehash releases need to stop. I was heavily impressed by the 2012 section of WOR. But the only think that is making me keep the game is the amount of songs I have. 375 I think.

  7. Dark Reality says:

    I guess exclusive deals and power-ups didn’t compensate for not being able to export (as much as with RB) and busted vocals. Seriously, if they’re going to compete with Rockband, they need to stop gimping everybody but the guitarist, and focus on a platform rather than a game. I spent an assload of money on Rockband songs because I know I’ll be able to use them next year. And I buy Rockband discs because I know I can export it all (or near about).

    GH is dead. They need to go back to guitars-only or fix vocals and drums.

    And pro mode isn’t for all of us. It is however very important for those who want it. Make no mistake, this ”video game” will teach you how to play a real guitar, and possibly, though maybe not likely, go on to make a lot of money. Who knows? Whereas Guitar Hero is just a knockoff.

  8. rocker4life634 says:

    I soo saw that coming. Seriously Activision needs to start improving their games

  9. Deadman says:

    This was inc. I saw the signs when Activision cut Red Octain. After that deciding to kill off Neversoft and move it to another dev team. Activision saw they couldn’t compete as they thought so kicked the most likely higher waged dev team and Hardware team (RedOctain) out.

    Move to a much lower paid dev team = $$$. You guys got nobody to blame BUT activision.

  10. PSPCOW says:

    Oh yeah, Rock Band 3 sold 7300 UNITS in the UK over 2 days. I guess that is a much worse number. This really sucks, though, I play both games. (Sigh) It couldn’t have ended THIS fast…(music game genre)

    • Brian says:

      Well, the US is much larger than the UK, so I’m not sure how well of a comparison that is.

      It sounds like Rock Band 3 sales are going well in the US, so I don’t know if we can count the genre out for count yet 😉

  11. Game!Ov3r says:

    I think Activision is feeling this hit and I believe that is the reason for the lack of dedication to DLC the last couple of months. No DLC this week, and is hinted by the Guitar Hero forum monitor that there could be another week in November that doesnt include DLC. I love Guitar Hero, but Activision should cut and run before they completley drive this franchise into the ground. Sell to someone that has new fresh ideas that can try to pull this franchise out of the toilet.

  12. Alski31 says:

    Hi, This is the way The GH franchise should go, instead of playing just one song by one band, you should do a full set… so starting off

    level 1 you start with a cack band like luis xiv
    then you get noticed playing with them which leads you to a cross roads
    do you either go down route 1 with ratt or route 2 with skidrow.

    level 2 after your choice band – you play some more ie go on a tour maybe 1-3 venues then you hit that cross roads again- Thunder or bonfire

    level 3- Monsters of rock concert with your chosen band

    level 4- Then you get chosen to play for Alice cooper or a big act, you do the full alice cooper show over 2 hours of tracks…

    I mean the Gh franchise really does need a new direction

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