Guitar Hero iPhone DLC 09/01/2010 “The Animals / Silversun Pickups”

The Animals make their iPhone Guitar Hero Debut!

It totally came out of nowhere but Guitar Hero’s official twitter let us all know that The Animals were joining the iPhone Guitar Hero DLC store earlier today. As expected the classic drunken anthem House of The Rising Sun is included along with two other singles It’s My Life and We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better our androgynous vocal-led friends The Silversun Pickups return with another 3 pack featuring: Panic Switch, Lazy Eye, and The Royal We.

Can't get enough of that Lazy Eye!

What tracks are you going to pick up? Take a listen then let us know in the comments below!


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One Response to Guitar Hero iPhone DLC 09/01/2010 “The Animals / Silversun Pickups”

  1. I wish I could play house of the rising sun on rock band :'(

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