THF Exclusive: Interview with Steve Ouimette

When details were revealed regarding Steve Ouimette’s upcoming album exclusively on, a lot of buzz swept across the internet. The article was tweeted more than any other article in the site’s history and started a lot of speculation regarding the album being used as future DLC.

Steve was actually nice enough to take a chunk out of his Friday afternoon to step away from the never ending list of projects he’s working on to chat with us regarding his upcoming album, his involvement in the Guitar Hero franchise, and what else is going on in his world. We even get down to brass tacks and issue the challenge to him; who wins in Guitar Hero, Steve Ouimette or Dave Mustaine?

Find out his answer to that, if  DLC is planned from his upcoming album and more in our first official Podcast!

Click Play Below to Listen! – The Hero Feed Interviews Steve Ouimette



Recording, Production, Editing and Interviewing: Brian Shea
Music Used Courtesy of Steve Ouimette
Intro Music: “Rip 1” by Steve Ouimette
Outro Music: “Speaking in Tongues” by Steve Ouimette
Special Thanks: Greg O’Connor-Read from Top Dollar PR

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9 Responses to THF Exclusive: Interview with Steve Ouimette

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  2. Paul Thyer says:

    Great Interview!
    Can’t wait for the album tomorrow!

  3. FrankieB says:

    Awesome interview, Steve Ouimette is the man! Looking forward to the album coming out as well.

    • DucksFAN says:

      What did he say on the interview? For some reason my computer won’t start the cast. Are we getting DLC from him towmorrow? Please respond quickly!

      • Brian says:

        Try the “download” button. Maybe your computer is having issues with streaming.

      • FrankieB says:

        I’ve embedded the podcast into the post, just go ahead and click the play button right above the credits in the article. There should also be a download button underneath there if you’d like to download it and listen that way.

        • DucksFAN says:

          Why can’t someone just tell me if he’s giving out DLC? My computer is an old dinosaur for pete’s sakes! It can’t run the clip for some reason!

  4. Ed says:

    he said nothing planned YET, but i’d hate it if, when he does, it’s free and therefore can’t be on Wii :'(

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