Thursday Throwback DLC Pick: Tyler Bryant – “Who I Am”

Welcome back to our weekly feature, Thursday Throwback DLC! Each week we feature a song from the Guitar Hero DLC catalog that we feel deserves a second (or first) look.

Ahh “Who I Am” by  Tyler Dow Bryant – @thetylerbryant

I remember scouting out this song by going to his myspace page where it was simply titled “Who I Am (Guitar Hero Version)” I instantly knew that the song was going to fill the void of guitar shreddery that GH fans truly desired, he’s only 18 and has already shared the stage with Heart, REO Speedwagon, BB King, Styx, Vince Gill and others!


Lot’s of variety for guitar in this chart I think every mechanic (aside from tap notes) come into play here. Also the solo is amazing to play full of fun patterns and isn’t painful like some of the harder guitar driven DLC (see: Megadeth).


Bass gets some fun also. There seems to be a lot of movement complimented with open notes, and hammer-on open notes.


This seems to be one of those Expert+ drum songs that can be played with one pedal. While not incredibly challenging it compliments the song well.


I’ve never personally tried them but I’d imagine this would make for a fun voxtar (vocals and guitar at the same time) song.

Originally Released: January 7th, 2010
Games Compatible With:  Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Video courtesy of @elisoncrz

Let us know if you download this one or let us know if you already have it!


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  2. Alicio says:

    awesome song, have it already.

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